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    14 Lizzie And Mr. Darcy Moments From "Pride & Prejudice" Ranked From "OooH" To "OH MY LANTA"

    *On Mr. Darcy* "There's something...pleasant about his mouth when he speaks."

    My love and obsession with all things Pride & Prejudice (2005, dir. Joe Wright) is unmatched.

    So, since my friends and coworkers are tired of me talking about this flawless film, I'm writing about it.

    Now, there are many things to love about Pride & Prejudice — Mrs. Bennet's audacity, Mr. Collins' boiled potatoes, Mary Bennet's awful piano playing — but the best part of the film is the sizzling chemistry between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

    Now, this is Regency Era England, so there aren't sex scenes in this story. However, that doesn't mean that this film lacks in titillating moments.

    So, without further ado, here's a ranking of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy's ~steamiest exchanges~:

    14. When Mr. Darcy caught his first glance of Lizzie:

    13. When Lizzie and Mr. Darcy shared this glance filled with anticipation before Lizzie asked for her father's blessing:

    12. When Lizzie schooled Mr. Darcy after he shut down her invitation to dance and then slighted her looks:

    11. When Mr. Darcy admitted it was hard for him to get to know people and Lizzie hit him with this retort:

    Lizzie looking up at Mr. Darcy as she plays the pianoforte.

    10. When Mr. Darcy burst into the Collins' home just to talk to Lizzie:

    Mr. Darcy standing in Lizzie's guest room.

    9. When Lizzie and Mr. Darcy are reunited for the first time since he proposed to her in the rain:

    Lizzie and Mr. Darcy exchanging words on the balcony at Pemberly.

    8. When Mr. Darcy walked across the moor at dawn to apologize to Lizzie for his aunt's behavior:

    7. When Mr. Darcy uttered this line:

    6. When Lizzie stared longingly at Mr. Darcy's bust at Pemberley:

    5. When Lizzie and Mr. Darcy shared their tense and heated dance at Mr. Bingley's ball:

    4. When Mr. Darcy proposed to Lizzie in the rain:

    3. When Lizzie kissed Mr. Darcy's hand, thus cementing her spot at his side...from this day on:

    2. When Lizzie and Mr. Darcy are at their estate, being completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy:

    Mr. Darcy caressing Lizzie's face.

    1. And, of course, the top moment is when Mr. Darcy helped Lizzie into her carriage and reacted with the ICONIC HAND FLEX™: