The Steamiest Scene In Cinema Is Mr. Darcy Helping Lizzie Into The Carriage And Then Flexing His Hand In "Pride & Prejudice"

    I love Lizzie and Mr. Darcy's hand touch...most ardently.

    The critically acclaimed film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice (2005) is one of my favorite films of all time. There's biting 19th century humor, tangled romantic storylines, and a pre-Succession Matthew Macfadyen!

    On the topic of romance, there are some titillating scenes in this period piece: the sexually charged dance Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth share at Mr. Bingley's ball (seen above), Mr. Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth in the rain (see below), Mr. Darcy rising to stand every time Elizabeth enters a room (see the film), the list goes on and on.

    But perhaps the most titillating scene was when the Bennetts came to collect Jane from her stay at Netherfield and Mr. Darcy helped Elizabeth get into the carriage...

    ...and then reacted with the now-iconic hand flex after their hands touched for the first time.

    Me when I saw that scene for the first time:

    Anywho, here are the best jokes about the iconic hand-touch scene from Pride & Prejudice:


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ hand flex scene in the rest of the pride & prejudice cinematic (2005) history


    Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth after he held her hand to help her get into the carriage


    2005 Pride and Prejudice: *Darcy flexes his hand*. Me:


    just had to sit down and compose myself because i was thinking too much of the significance of darcy's hand flex in pride and prejudice (2005)


    some of you don’t watch pride and prejudice multiple times a year and rewind the hand flex scene like ten times when it comes on and it shows


    the hand flex scene in pride and prejudice 2005


    joe wright didn't have to go off like that and add the hand scene in pride and prejudice but he did, he did that for all of us.


    pride and prejudice (2005) INVENTED cinema. romance didn't exist before that one scene where Mr. Darcy helped Elizabeth into the carriage and walked away flexing his hand was filmed


    ever since i watched the hand flex scene in pride and prejudice (2005) my life has not known peace it invented romance and is the single greatest scene in cinema history modern romance movies just can't do this


    it’s 6:30 am and i’m thinking abt the hand flex in pride & prejudice and how that movie captures Yearning & Longing and how darcy changes for the better bc elizabeth inspires him to Be Better & how he respected her space & just genuinely Saw who she Is


    Ok wow an entire display about the moment Mr. Darcy touches Elizabeth’s hand in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie


    I recently saw a tweet advising anyone who is venturing into academia to not lose their sense of humour. I therefore dedicated my masters dissertation to Matthew Macfadyen’s hand flex in Pride and Prejudice 2005.


    LITERALLY no one: pride & prejudice stan twitter: the way the hand flex scene redefined the socionormativity & the stigmatizations around the world by rewriting the plethoraexanoroma & the rules of society with modicum panaceas with predilection dignified w pragmatic tetroxides


    sex was created by the hand flex scene in pride and prejudice (2005)


    I didn't know that a hand flex could literally remove my soul from my body but Pride and Prejudice (2005, dir. Joe Wright) really Did That


    romance did not exist untill pride and prejudice hand flex


    bitches say “i’m fine” and then rewind the pride & prejudice (2005) rain scene or the hand flex’s me i’m bitches!


    me thinking about the Hand Touch™️ in Pride and Prejudice (2005 ft. Keira Knightley)

    19. In conclusion:

    twitter is just an endless cycle of the pride and prejudice 2005 hand touch, prisoner of azkaban aesthetics, and the twilight baseball scene