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    Adults Are Sharing The Things They Were Unprepared For When They Entered Adulthood And It's Too Relatable

    Adulting is hard.

    Adulting. It's a word we all know but hate to accept. Whenever we have to pay bills or schedule appointments or get our oil changed, we reminisce on the simpler times of our youth, when our parents did these things for us.


    Well, Reddit user vertexlord asked, "What was something you were unprepared for when you first moved out of your parents' house?" These responses will make you say, "Thank god I'm not the only one!"


    Here are some of the best responses:

    1. The true value of a dollar:

    Comedy Central

    "The fact that $100 is no longer a lot of money."


    2. Food is...a nuisance:


    "The cost of food and how fast it goes bad."


    3. As is cooking:


    "Cooking might actually be the worst part. Not paying for all that food or preparing it, but figuring out what you actually want to make with the food you have."


    4. Spices don't just magically appear:


    "Not having condiments or spices on hand. I took for granted having salt and pepper and whatever spice I needed in the cupboard. Buying all that at once can add up quickly."


    5. Neither do the other goods in your pantry:

    Studio Ghibli

    "The fact that my cupboards don't auto-refill. When I eat all my food now, the cupboards just stay stubbornly empty. At my parent’s home they always magically refilled."


    6. Water, fun fact, isn't free:


    "Water costs money. I grew up on a farm with well water, so it blew my mind when I found out that people have to pay for tap water. Now I just feel bad for people in cities that don't even provide drinkable water, free or not."


    7. The feeling of being alone:


    "I was unprepared for how lonely I would feel. I love living by myself, but lying in bed without my childhood cat on my bed, or without hearing my mom laughing downstairs makes the room feel very small and secluded."


    8. Coming home to emptiness:


    "Coming back to a dark, lifeless home in the evenings. Since my mom worked from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and we lived with my grandparents, there was always someone home when I came back from school. Even if we didn't chat, there was someone there, moving around, doing their own thing. Sometimes it was annoying because I occasionally wanted peace and quite. But, in hindsight, I underestimated how reassuring it was."


    9. Mail is no longer a fun surprise:

    The WB

    "The amount of depressing things that come in the post: bills, car notes, insurance payments, etc."


    10. Taking care of yourself when you're sick:


    "Being on my own when I get sick. I once got food poisoning when my roommate was away for the weekend — I was vomiting every 20–30 minutes for an entire day. I was severely dehydrated and didn't even have the strength to walk to the drug store for meds and Gatorade."


    11. Plans need to be made:


    "Happy things don't just happen. You decide to do them. All those fun events and great memories you had growing up? The birthday parties, beach trips, days you decided to turn the living room into a castle of sheets and cushions? My parents deliberately planned those things (or gave up their own time on a whim) because they wanted me to be happy. Even if I'm tired from work, I try to plan fun, silly events and always celebrate holidays, because I realized no one's going to do it for me anymore."


    12. Chores are no longer rewarded:


    "The amount of small things that need to be done on an everyday basis: cooking, house cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, etc... And this does not include homework (if you are a student), hobbies, personal life... I'm just so tired of all that stuff."

    13. Toilet paper doesn't grow on trees:




    14. You actually have to go out and procure that bathroom necessity:


    "You become an adult when you make a run to the store for a plunger and nothing else."


    15. Sleeping alone:


    "The odd lack of security you feel when you go to bed the first few nights after you move out. I'm close with my parents, so when I lived at home I always felt a bit safer that they were downstairs when I went up to bed. It was weird when that was gone."


    16. Finding a doctor:


    "Finding a new doctor. Still haven't seen one since I moved out three years ago. When something seems to be slightly wrong, I just hope that it will get better without seeing a doctor. I'm kind of worried that I'm going to regret this at some point."


    17. Finally, when you realize you've become your parents:

    The WB

    "I didn't realize how alike my mom and I are. I used to tell her to chill with the household chores. She couldn’t chill. Now, I can’t chill. Must. Clean."


    What are some things that YOU were unprepared for once you moved out of your parents house? Let us know in the comments below!

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