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    There Are People Out There Who Only Know Sean Astin From "Stranger Things" And I'm Gobsmacked

    Mikey Walsh? Rudy? Samwise? C'mon, people.

    This past weekend, I was minding my own business, joshing around on the interwebz, when I saw this extremely pure and seemingly innocent tweet:

    Like, aww how precious. OR SO I THOUGHT!

    Comedy Central

    Upon closer inspection, I noticed a little something in the tweet itself:

    Did you miss it? Here's a closer look.

    Not to be ~overly dramatic~ but I've never been more shook™ by a tweet in my entire life. Sean Astin is a NATIONAL TREASURE and is way more than his 10-episode stint on Stranger Things.

    New Line Cinema

    Was Bob an amazing character? Yes. Do we miss him dearly? Of course! Does Sean Astin have more defining roles than Bob from Stranger Things? Abso-fucking-lutely.

    Warner Bros.

    Like, Samwise Gamgee did NOT carry the entire Lord of the Rings franchise on his back and up a mountain to be reduced to a man named BOB!

    Sean Astin deserved a goddamn Oscar nomination for the third LORD OF THE RINGS, not to be turned into "Sean Astin from STRANGER THINGS." He did not trek all the way to Mordor for that shit.

    Um, hello? Ever heard of a lil' classic/pop culture phenomenon called, idk, The Goonies?

    I’m sorry but Sean Aston didn’t get through a booby trapped series of cave tunnels to steal One Eyed Willy’s treasures to save his house/town, to be known as “Sean Astin from Stranger Things”. Y’all I’m DONE. The disrespect!

    It is disheartening to know that there will be an entire generation of kids who will only know Sean Astin as that guy from Stranger Things. To me he will always be Mikey from The Goonies

    His journey began in a well on the run from the Fratellis and you best never forget it. Long live Mikey. Long live @SeanAstin #seanastin

    50 First Dates? Encino Man? Rudy? Ever heard of them??

    So no one is going to call Sean Astin who he really is? Doug from 50 First Dates?

    Sean Astin, oh Billy Tepper from Toy Soldiers?! #SeanAstin

    "Sean Astin from Stranger Things?" Are y'all just gonna forget that this dude is also a talented voice actor as well?

    @TwitterMoments @SeanAstin Dave from Encino Man. 1992 @SeanAstin. No question. 💕

    @samxgrace So no one wants to talk about when Sean Astin defended the world from the Nazis by operating the ball turret of a B-17… and not just any B-17 but the MEMPHIS BELLE?!

    @TwitterMoments @SeanAstin Rudy people!...Rudy...#Tearsofhappiness

    He's not Sean Astin from Stranger Things or Sean Astin from Goonies or Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings. He's Sean Astin from Encino Man. #radmobile

    Now, I know some people have only been introduced to the glory of Sean Astin thanks to Stranger Things...but HE'S SO MUCH MORE. So, allow me to reintroduce this man.


    This is Sean Astin. He is, including but not limited to, an Academy Award Nominee, a SAG Winner, a potato-loving Hobbit, a booby-trap-escaping legend, a friend to cavepeople, a boy who just really wants to play football, a well-meaning brother who's obsessed with "protein shakes," and, most importantly, a phenomenal actor with over 30 years in the biz. Put some respek on his goddamn name!

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    I think that, from now on, when referring to Sean Astin, it shouldn't be "from Rudy" or "from The Goonies" or even "from Stranger Things". We should refer to him by his TRUE definer: Sean Astin, the multi-generational treasure.

    Sean Astin: For every Generation there is a Hero

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