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    No One Asked, But I Ranked All The Minor "Mean Girls" Characters From Worst To Best


    The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it's time for my annual rewatch of my favorite Christmas movie: Mean Girls.

    On this most recent rewatch, I truly appreciated all the minor characters in film, so I decided to power rank all of the minor characters (five lines or less) from worst to best:

    27. Coach Carr:

    Coach Carr teaching sex ed

    26. Jason:

    Jason looking at Cady

    25. The kid with the mom who has long chest hair:

    A douchebag bullying Janis in homeroom

    24. Shane Oman:

    23. These collective teachers:

    22. Seth Mosakowski:

    Karen talking to Gretchen in her mouse ears

    21. These weird religious kids:

    Five overzealous religious youths

    20. Kristen Hadley:

    Kristen looking at Cady like she has three heads

    19. Dawn Schweitzer:

    Dawn looking down at a piece of paper

    18. The spelling-bee freak:

    Nerdy girl at a spelling bee

    17. The Marymount mathletes:

    The Marymount mathletes luring at Cady

    16. Caroline Krafft:

    Caroline Krafft approaching the mathlete statium

    15. The dude who farts a lot:

    A kid looking behind him in class

    14. The Junior Plastics:

    The three junior plastics walking through the quad

    13. Taylor Weddell:

    Taylor talking to her mom on the phone

    12. "Danny DeVito":

    A girl telling Damien to get out of the bathroom

    11. Amber D'Alessio:

    Amber denying that she made out with a hot dog

    10. The girl who Regina once punched in the face:

    A girl talking about getting punched in the face

    9. The unfriendly Black hotties:

    The unfriendly black hotties giving Cady the side-eye

    8. Nfume:

    Young Cady hugging a young Nfume

    7. Kristen Hadley's boyfriend:

    The redhead asking his mom to pick him up

    6. Kylie George:

    Kylie waving to the Plastics as they enter the living room

    5. Kevin Gnapoor:

    Kevin performing a rap on stage

    4. Annfernee:

    Mr. Duvall talking to Cady

    3. The girl who doesn't even go here:

    A girl sharing her feelings on stage

    2. Glenn Coco:

    Damien handing Glenn Coco his four candy canes

    1. Ol' girl from Michigan:

    Michigan girl just minding her own business in class