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21 Psychological Hacks That I'm Honestly Disappointed In Myself For Not Knowing

`The more you know.

Did you ever want to Jedi Mind Trick someone, but you don't have the power of the force behind you?

Well, luckily for you, Reddit user Chiyochiyo01 asked their followers "Which psychological tricks should everyone know about?" Lemme tell you, these tricks are the closest ANY of us are gonna get to Jedi mind tricking anyone.

Here are the best tips:

1. This participation trick:

"Get people to contribute to an idea and they will be more likely to accept it. Studies show that it doesn't take that much involvement in the creative process to get people to take possession of a proposed plan."


2. This calming trick:

"If someone has a panic attack, start breathing really regularly and loudly. Even if it’s really obvious, the person that is panicking probably won’t notice. But they will start breathing in tempo with you. It’s something nurses do with ER patients when they can’t get themselves together."


3. This bargaining hack:

"If someone is trying to make you decide in a hurry, they are probably giving you a bad deal. Walk away."


4. This information-gathering trick:

"Sometimes pretending that you are naive gets you more information."


5. This physical hack:

"Physical contact makes you more likely to say yes to a request."


6. This conflict-avoiding tip:

"If you want to avoid office politics, say good things about coworkers behind their backs."


7. This memory trick:

"If you need to remember something, think about it while doing something noticeably unusual. This will pair the memory with the 'something' so that when it is noticed later on it will trigger that particular memory."


8. This discomfort trick:

"If you want to make someone feel uncomfortable, look at their forehead when you're talking to them."


9. This annoying-coworker trick:

"If someone annoying is at your office/desk at work and won’t get the hint to leave you alone, print something and ask them to follow you while you grab it off the printer, then walk them back to their office/desk instead of going back to yours. They’ll usually sit down without realizing what’s going on, thinking that they chose to go back."


10. This item-obtaining hack:

"While talking to someone, ask through hand gestures for something the person is holding. You'll probably get it."


11. This popularity trick:

"When a group of people laugh, they tend to look at the person they like the most."


12. This friend-pleasing tip:

"Whenever a friend tries to tell or show you something that you already know, it’s best to let them. It makes them feel good to show you something and for you to enjoy it. Sometimes if you say, 'Oh, I already saw that,” it’ll upset them a little bit."


13. This compliment-giving tip:

"Compliments are very important for self-esteem and the building of character. Don't be afraid to tell someone how nice they look or that they're doing a good job, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment, it will make them feel a bit better and they will appreciate it."


14. This day-making tip:

"When you see someone you know, on the way into work for example, smile a little wider when you see them, and 'smile with your eyes' (the kind where the smile makes you squint a little bit). It can brighten people's day a little and make them feel like someone else is happy they're around."


15. This nerve-tricking hack:

"Nervousness and excitement have the same body reaction, so if you're nervous for a speech, instead convince yourself you're excited. Its proven to give better speeches, too."


16. This feeling-better tip:

"The three minute rule: if it takes less than three minutes, do it and you will feel better. For example: making your bed, doing the dishes, etc. It makes you feel the tiniest bit better when you accomplish something small."


17. This quiet trick:

"If you whisper to someone, they’ll whisper back, even if there’s no reason to keep your voice down."


18. This people-catching trick:

"If you think someone is watching you, fake a yawn. Then watch them."


19. This choice-giving hack:

"Always give a person two choices. Give the non-preferred option first, including its negative effects. Pause. Then give the preferred option, shining light on its better effects."


20. This habit-making hack:

"If you feel lazy or not in the mood to do something, like getting up at 6 a.m. to workout, countdown from five and then get up. It will get easier after a while because you create habits."


21. Finally, this agreement hack:

"Ask for something that seems small, but is related, to what you really want. Then, once they've agreed to the small thing, just work up with slightly larger requests until you've achieved the desired outcome."


All submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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