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    Pilot Pete Is Officially Going To Be Our Next "Bachelor" And Bach Nation Has Some Thoughts

    There were SO many other options.

    Last night was the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise where we, unsurprisingly, learned that Pilot Pete from Hannah B.'s season is going to be the next Bachelor.

    Live footage of everyone's reaction to this news:

    Even though there was Mike Johnson from Hannah B.'s season — EVERYONE'S NUMBER ONE CHOICE — and hidden gem Derek Peth from this season of BIP, ABC still went with Pilot Peter.

    Lemme just say, Bach Nation had some THOUGHTS:

    Y’all even Pilot Pete’s own airline wants Mike to be the bachelor. #BachelorInParadise #TheBachelor

    Pilot Pete is your next bachelor!

    Chris Harrison saying “you’ve been asking for him” knowing damn well we’ve been asking for mike and we’re gonna get pilot pete #BachelorInParadise

    When you're excited for Pilot Pete cause you love him and he deserves this but equally bummed for Big Mike 😍😭😍😭 #BachelorInParadise

    Everyone rushing to sign up to be on the bachelor since they announced its gonna be 4x in a windmill pilot Pete #BachelorNation #BachelorInParadise

    My stages of grief realizing Mike and his beaming smile isn’t gonna be our next Bachelor #BachelorInParadise

    Chris Harrison: Please welcome your next Bachelor... Peter! Me: YOU COULD’VE HAD A BAD BITCH #bachelorinparadise

    Chris Harrison: you’re different than any bachelor we’ve ever had Every bachelor we’ve ever had: #BachelorInParadise

    Me wanting Mike to fall in love with Demi Lovato but also be Bachelor #BachelorInParadise

    me knowing peter was the next bachelor but still hoping it would be mike #BachelorInParadise

    Remember, critics thought I’d be a boring bachelor too but once my season aired they were proven correct so there’s that.

    Are we upset? A tad. Do some of us want a different Bachelor? For sure. Are we ALL still gonna tune in come January 2020 to watch Pilot Pete's season in it's entirety? Abso-fucking-lutely.

    In conclusion:

    Everyone Also everyone complaining coming back about Peter when next being the next season airs Bachelor #BachelorinParadise

    Hey! Maybe we'll get lucky and ~the windmill~ will make a cameo this season...