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    Patagonia Hid The Message "Vote The Assholes Out" On Their Tags And I Can't Wait For My Order To Ship

    TL;DR: Register to vote.

    As a New England native and former tech bro-ess, I am familiar with the brand Patagonia. The quarter-zips, the Nano Puff vests, the Synchilla Snap-T pullovers — you name it, I got it.


    Well, Patagonia just gave me another reason to be a proud and loyal customer:


    "Vote the assholes out."


    Even though this is the imagery we normally associate with Patagonia...

    Jared — in a Patagonia power vest — and Richard — in a zip-up — taking to someone offscreen on "Silicon Valley."

    ...that perception is the opposite of their brand. Back in April 2019, they stopped selling co-branded merch with companies that didn't fit their values.

    Patagonia / Via

    You can read more about Patagonia's activism and their efforts here.

    So, I guess this hidden Easter egg that Patagonia sewed into their tags is making their message loud. And. Clear.

    A Patagonia fleece with "Vote The Assholes Out" on the sizing tag.
    @StreetFashion01 / Via Twitter: @StreetFashion01

    Anyway, if you've made it this far, make sure you register to vote. We're 48 days away from Election Day, people!

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