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    26 "Overheard" College Conversations That Are 100% Accurate And 100% Hilarious

    School's out forever, thank GOD.

    As a recent college grad who went to a pretty large school, I'm no stranger to overhearing people's convos — whether it be on purpose or not.


    Now that I'm out of school and living in LA, I've missed walking to class and catching snippets of people's wild-ass conversations. Well, NOT ANYMORE. Thanks to OverheardUniversity, I can reminisce over these headass, overheard discussions without actually having to step foot on a college campus!


    Here are some of of the best "overheard" conversations:

    1. A first-year def made this call.

    2. A modern romance.

    3. Lol, same.

    4. NOT good.

    5. Hard same.

    6. Someone's been binge-watching Breaking Bad.

    7. Greek lyfe.

    8. Kids these days.

    9. Not all heroes wear capes.

    10. "Yo, I got a fake ID, tho."

    11. We stan a roommate who cares.

    12. Who doesn't love Game of Thrones?

    13. Relatable.

    14. Those were not the days.

    15. a tutor?

    16. If this wasn't in a film studies class...

    17. The level of accuracy here is HIGH.

    18. The best work is done under pressure.


    20. Same difference.

    21. Whew, chile.

    22. C's get degrees, my dude.

    24. Reasonable.

    25. It was all a meme!

    26. Been there, sister.