Um, So Apparently We've Been Pronouncing Lindsay Lohan's Name Wrong

    Today I Learned...

    The year 2022 will forever be known (to me) as the year Lindsay Lohan made her epic return to cinema!

    Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet's characters walking side-by-side in the snow

    And, earlier this month, LiLo joined TikTok and made my FYP a much happier place.

    I watched her inaugural TikTok introducing herself* to the app when I noticed something...

    *As if she needs an introduction! 

    It's a quick vid — not a three-minute saga — and she's like, "Hey everyone, it's Lindsay Lohan, and now I'm on TikTok!"

    But she doesn't say Lo-HAN like we've said for the past 20 or so years...

    ...she says LOW-en!

    Lindsay LOW-EN!

    And before I thought I had to clean out my ears, the comment section also noticed the new pronunciation:

    A comment on Lindsay Lohan's new TikTok

    So, yeah. IDK about y'all, but this was news to ME!