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    Someone Confused Kiernan Shipka For Emma Watson And Kiernan's Response Was Perfect

    Not all witches are the same.

    This is Kiernan Shipka, star of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

    And this is Emma Watson, star of the beloved Harry Potter franchise, among other things.

    Now, a lot of people can tell that these are two different women, but apparently not everyone!

    Getty Images / Twitter: @Solo_Kalin

    While I notice the similarities, I also noticed that they're not the same person!

    Yesterday, Kiernan posted this adorable pic of herself and her dog.

    And some poor yet kindhearted soul posted this comment on her pic:

    And I oop.

    Now, we've already established that Kiernan and Emma are not the same woman, but alas, to err is human.

    Warner Bros.

    Kiernan could have responded — or not responded — in any way she saw fit, and the way she did decide to respond was damn near perfect:

    "I had an amazing time filming Harry Potter & am really thrilled about all the new projects I’m doing now!"

    Me while reading this:

    The WB

    Two hips and a hooray to our comedic queen!

    And remember, kids:

    Warner Bros.

    H/T to Comments By Celebs

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