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Kendall Jenner Blew Out Her Birthday Candles In Front Of A Waiter And Here Is Exactly Why That Is Wrong

Are the Kardashians living in a different reality than the rest of us?

Not even a WEEK after Kim Kardashian's oblivious 40th birthday party celebration with her "closest inner circle," Kendall Jenner threw a Halloween-themed birthday party that's sparked a LOT of backlash on the internet.

However, I'm not here to discuss the lack of social distancing, the blatant flash of wealth, or the laissez-faire attitude in regard to rapid COVID testing kits. I'm here to talk about a specific moment with Kendall Jenner and a masked waiter.

"A case for the FBI" meme of Kris Jenner.

Back in 2017, the Journal of Food Research raised concerns about blowing out birthday candles due to/because of the bacteria that could be transferred onto the frosting. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic — since COVID can be transferred via saliva — this conversation has resurfaced and the act of blowing out birthday candles is highly discouraged.

Kendall Jenner blowing out her birthday candles.

TL;DR: blowing out birthday candles spreads germs so, like, don't do it.

SO, when this video came to light from Kendall's birthday bash, I visibly shuddered:

Ok Kendall Jenner blowing out candles as a masked waiter holds her cake and tries to move out of the way was actually the scariest thing I saw on Halloween

Like, similar energy:

Scott and Mason Disick hugging as a masked waiter works in the background.

Not only are people upset about her party in general, but they're SPECIFICALLY upset about her blowing candles out in front of this waiter's face with what looks like not an ounce of regard for this man.

@lolzlindz blowing ... on a cake...... during a pandemic ....... as the waiter holds it ...... how are they so clueless? That’s not even the right word. But STILL

@lolzlindz I swear wealthy white people think money carries immunity to COVID-19.

And, my personal fave:

If you know, you know!

I just hope Kendall gave one of those rapid COVID kits to the masked waiter. It's the least she can do. That, and a BIG-ASS TIP!