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    Justin Bieber Just Got Added To The List Of Celebs Who Are On TikTok

    "Am I doing this right?" — Both me and Justin Bieber on TikTok.

    Earlier today, while I was scrolling through Twitter, I saw this tweet from Justin Bieber:

    Was this a question as to what the app was? Was he asking people to drop their TikTok usernames? Was he asking what time it was? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, JUSTIN?

    Def Jam

    Moments after he tweeted that, he tweeted THIS:

    It's official, ladies and gents! Justin Bieber is now on TikTok!


    Now, you might be thinking, "Wha? I thought J. Biebs already had a TikTok account!" But alas, that one is not his official account.

    Not entirely sure what the above account is, but it's not a verified account. Maybe it's like his fintsta, but for TikTok? A FikTok?

    Even better news! Justin's already uploaded his first 'Tok:

    Superb content.

    So, Happy New Year, Beliebers! What an amazing way to start 2020.