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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tweeted That Tom From "(500) Days Of Summer" Was Awful And That's On Period

    *Jean-Ralphio voice* He is the woooooorst.

    If you're anything like me, you grew up watching the tryna-be-indie mainstream rom-drama by the name of (500) Days of Summer.

    Fox Searchlight

    This movie introduced me to the Smiths.

    As a youth, we ALL thought Summer was the villain for not wanting a relationship with Tom โ€” even though she stated from THE JUMP that she didn't want a serious relationship.

    Fox Searchlight

    But, as we grew older and wiser, we realized that Tom was, in fact, the villain for trying to make Summer enter into a relationship that she didn't want and then spent the better part of a year complaining to his friends/little sister about it.

    Fox Searchlight

    To die by Tom's side would NOT be a heavenly way to die, lemme tell ya.

    Well recently, Twitter user @chrissymeds participated in the viral "movie villain, actual villain" trend with this cold, hard gem:

    The movie villain. The actual villain.

    Truer characters have never been tweeted.

    BUT WAIT, it gets better, because Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the man who played the villain HIMSELF, weighed in:

    I approve this message ๐Ÿ‘€

    "I approve this message ๐Ÿ‘€."


    There you have it, folks: Tom is the villain, Summer did nothing wrong, and Paul is the TRUE hero of this story*.

    Fox Searchlight

    *That's not necessarily true, I just love Matthew Grey Gubler and wanted to state that for the record.

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