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    The Jonas Brothers Announced Their New Album And Kevin Jonas Is Finally In The Center Of The Photo

    Happiness Begins with Kevin!

    Y'all. The wait is finally over. The Jonas Brothers announced that their new album, Happiness Begins, will drop on June 7. So mark your cals!

    While this announcement made me wanna dance on top of ALL the cars, something EVEN more important caught my eye: the position of Kevin Jonas in the album art.


    I screamed when I saw this, which my roommates did NOT find amusing this morning.

    You might not have noticed anything out of the ordinary, so allow me to take you on a trip down JoBro albums road:

    Their most recent single, "Cool," had Joe in the middle.


    Their comeback single, "Sucker," had Nick in the middle.


    All of their past albums from our youth? Again, Nick and Joe were the ones in the middle.

    Hollywood / Columbia

    But now, in the year 2019, Kevin has finally claimed the center spot on a Jonas Brothers album cover, and I couldn't be more excited for him.


    We are entering a new era: the era of Kevin!

    I'm not kidding, people. I've been waiting for this exact moment for YEARS!

    Ehis Osifo / Via BuzzFeed

    My love for the JoBros goes DEEP.

    So save the date, humans! On June 7 we'll get a new Jonas Brothers album. But, until then, I can just revel in the fact that Kevin Jonas is finally getting his moment in the spotlight.


    Whew, what a view.