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    I'm Obsessed With Jodie Turner-Smith's Five Word Response To Her And Joshua Jackson Dating

    I see you, Pacey! *winks*

    In case you don't know who either of these two humans are, Joshua Jackson starred in this little show called Dawson's Creek back in the early aughts.

    Noam Galai / Getty Images, The WB

    Joshua Jackson at ANY AGE can get it.

    Jodie Tuner-Smith is a model and is also starring in the highly-anticipated film, Queen and Slim.

    Rich Fury / Getty Images, Universal Pictures

    Two words: CHEEK BONES!

    And I'd like to inform you that these two beautiful people are dating.

    Bossip reported on their rumored romance earlier in June, asking if Joshua Jackson was "swirfully smashing Jodie Turner-Smith's stunning cakes to smithereens."

    New Couple??? Is Joshua Jackson Swirlfully Smashing Jodie Turner-Smith’s Stunning Cakes To Smithereens? (Photo Credit: SplashNews)

    Smashing her CAKES to SMITH 👏 ER 👏 EENS. WHEW!

    The CW

    But it wasn't until a few days ago that Jodie actually replied and reader, her response was EVERYTHING.

    Yes, world. Joshua Jackson is, in fact, smashing her cakes to smithereens and we're all the better for knowing it.

    @tylisha_jones @Bossip really?? cos i feel like its right on brand 😏

    Am I shocked? A little.

    But, am I also impressed? Most definitely.

    Get your man, sis!


    Instagram: @jodiesmith

    I'm smiling looking at this photo ❤️.

    Like, I love a couple who loves and supports and 100% stans one another.


    This is good for my soul.

    Their support for one another is sending me.

    proud of you @VancityJax 😻🔥👏🏿 you inspire me every day!!! congratulations on receiving the #EMAOngoingCommitmentAward !!!#EMAhonors

    In conclusion: