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Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Dressed Up As "Canceled" For Halloween, So Obviously The Internet Has Thoughts

"Again?" —Jasmine Masters

Whew, nelly. Where do I begin? Let's start with this past weekend at Jaclyn Hill's Halloween party. The beauty guru decided to dress up as "Canceled Jaclyn" for her bash this year.

"You want me canceled? You got it baby. And I know my 'haters' are going to HATE this costume. But that’s okay, I love you anyway💋"

Her costume is, presumably, a reference to "cancel culture" due to her recent "cancellation" because of her lipstick launch that sent out a batch of "lumpy" and "hairy" tubes.,

Was this really only FOUR months ago?

Some people applauded Jaclyn's costume:


okay but @Jaclynhill halloween costume is the level of petty i strive to be. YES SIS. & the song, i just LIVE for it. 😂😍👏🏼

Reason # 50000 why I LOVE JACLYN HILL; this bitch went OFF on her Halloween costume! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️ @Jaclynhill

But, for the most part, a lot of people found it insensitive and "tone-deaf" due to the fact that her products were a health hazard:

I’m sorry, but wearing a costume that mocks the very people who supported you & you let down, treated shamefully & lied to isn’t empowering or showing the “glam & ugly side of the industry”. It’s tone deaf, un-self-aware, & arrogant. #JaclynHill once again plays the victim.

wanting: semi gross content in next tweet!! but tonight jaclyn hill (@Jaclynhill) posted a halloween costume that’s making a joke about her being canceled... as if she was canceled over something small and not literally dangerous lipsticks. why does this bother me so much?

I want you to do better @Jaclynhill so if you read this, keep that in mind. It’s one thing to make light of a situation that is seemingly unworthy of being canceled for. It’s another to make an apology video, hoodie and all, and then post stuff like this. This is tone deaf.

@Jaclynhill You should Google things like "accountability, CEO behavior, quality control, customer service, product recall, mold, contamination, FDA rules, business etiquette, refunds, and health risks associated with cutting your lip on a lipstick“

@ThreeDailey @Jaclynhill Super tacky and once more prime evidence that she dgaf about her fans/customers.

The beauty 'Tuber took to Twitter to explain that her costume was in response to "cancel culture" and not to disrespect her customers or subscribers:

@worlsgonebyebye @ThreeDailey This costume has NOTHING to do with my fans or customers. It has to do with “cancel culture” that has become so popular. I adore my subscribers & they know that!

While, yes, I am here to report the facts and keep the people up-to-date on YouTuber tea that they don't wanna delve into themselves, as a fan of Jaclyn's, I do find this costume a little tone-deaf.

Say what you want about "cancel culture," the fact remains that Jaclyn's products were a health hazard and this costume seems like a direct response to that ordeal.

So, yeah. There you have it. Eagerly awaiting an official iOS press release or a "Here's my truth" video in response to this whole fiasco. Until then, keep calm and YouTube on!

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