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    Jack Black Forgot He Was In "The Holiday" And His Reaction Is So Pure I Can't Even Be Mad

    Nancy Meyers is shaking.

    Earlier this week, Variety interviewed Jack Black on the red carpet for the Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle premiere, and he revealed that he forgot was in The Holiday, AKA A MOVIE HE STARRED IN!

    Jack Black forgot he was in a holiday movie for a second there

    Variety asked JB what his number one holiday film was, and he responded with a respectable answer:

    Twitter: @Variety

    That they did.

    Variety then complimented him for not saying his own holiday film, and he responded with THIS:

    Twitter: @Variety

    I cannot.

    And then, in a moment of realization, he remembered he was in the 2006 box office smash The Holiday.

    Twitter: @Variety

    Yes, Jack. Yes.


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    "Iris, if you were a melody [plays amazing, original score]...I used only the good notes." Sa-woon.

    At least he was quick to give credit where credit was due:

    My initial reaction when I learned that Jack Black forgot he was in the holiday-themed romance that had a grand impact on my formative years:

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    But alas, he did remember, which is what matters in the end! I think it's time both me AND Jack Black rewatch The Holiday.

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    'Tis the season.

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