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Updated on Jun 12, 2020. Posted on Jun 5, 2020

19 Movie Outfits That 2000s Girls Desperately Wanted In Their Closets

Regina George's "A Little Bit Dramatic" tank top. Enough said.

1. Mia Thermopolis' ball gown — and tiara — from The Princess Diaries:

Buena Vista Pictures

I actually wanted to get married in this dress. Still do, TBH.

2. Terri Fletcher's sleek black ensemble — with the turquoise accented belt — from Raise Your Voice:

New Line Cinema

I'm pretty sure Hilary Duff invented wide belts...don't fact-check that. Just believe me.

3. Also, just ONE of Terri's many Juicy Couture velour zip-ups from Raise Your Voice:

New Line Cinema

Spread the wealth, girl!

4. On the topic of sweatsuits...Brianna and Gabriella's matching co-ords from A Cinderella Story:

Warner Bros.

Name a more iconic duo.

5. Daphne Reynolds' DIY ball gown for Peach and Pear's birthday party from What A Girl Wants:

Warner Bros.

I wish I were this crafty...

6. Another DIY dress! Julie Corky's sparkly red halter from Sleepover:


See: above.

7. Regina George's "A Little Bit Dramatic" shirt (plus adjoining items) from Mean Girls:

Paramount Pictures

More like "a little bit iconic," am I right?

8. Jenna Rink's "Malibu Barbie" dress from 13 Going On 30:

Sony Pictures

Honorable mention: Jenna's pink slip nightie-dress. Truly a trendsetter.

9. Heather Montgomery's orange crop top moment™ from John Tucker Must Die:

20th Century Fox

Like, not sure how she wasn't given a detention for violating the dress code, but when you look that cute, who even cares?

10. Aquamarine's ever-changing T-shirt dress from Aquamarine:

20th Century Fox

Can someone say versatile!

11. Elle Woods' bunny costume from Legally Blonde:


Like, joke's on Vivian for thinking she'd embarrass Elle! She looked FABULOUS.

12. The outfits that Isis & Co. wore to the impromptu cheer-off in Bring It On:

Universal Pictures

Urban Outfitters bases all their mannequins on these four outfits.

13. Jess and Pinky Bhamra's gorgeous saris for Pinky's wedding in Bend It Like Beckham:

Fox Searchlight

Now, I am not Indian, nor have I been to an Indian wedding, but these saris were too stunning not to include. If I did own them, I would enclose them in a glass case to preserve their glory.

14. OK a BIT of a deep cut, but Kia's off-the-shoulder Roxy top and pleated skirt from She's The Man:

DreamWorks Pictures

I understand that I'm probably the only one who remembers this 'fit, but I like it!

15. Roxy and Jane Ryan's glow-up looks from New York Minute:

Universal Pictures

Who knew that turquoise pleather could be such a lewk???

16. Casey Carlyle's sectional dress from Ice Princess:

Buena Vista Pictures


17. Molly Gunn's patchwork overalls from Uptown Girls:


Like, they're kind of a fabulous way? No? Just me? OK.

18. Lola Williams' effortlessly cool ripped-up grunge look from LOL:


If I wore this outfit, I'd look like an idiot...that being said, I still want it!

19. Finally, the jeans from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants:

Warner Bros.

Hey, if these jeans can magically fit all four of these ladies, they can DEFFO fit me.

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