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19 Movie Outfits That 2000s Girls Desperately Wanted In Their Closets

Regina George's "A Little Bit Dramatic" tank top. Enough said.

1. Mia Thermopolis' ball gown — and tiara — from The Princess Diaries:

Buena Vista Pictures

I actually wanted to get married in this dress. Still do, TBH.

2. Terri Fletcher's sleek black ensemble — with the turquoise accented belt — from Raise Your Voice:

New Line Cinema

I'm pretty sure Hilary Duff invented wide belts...don't fact-check that. Just believe me.

3. Also, just ONE of Terri's many Juicy Couture velour zip-ups from Raise Your Voice:

New Line Cinema

Spread the wealth, girl!

4. On the topic of sweatsuits...Brianna and Gabriella's matching co-ords from A Cinderella Story:

Warner Bros.

Name a more iconic duo.

5. Daphne Reynolds' DIY ball gown for Peach and Pear's birthday party from What A Girl Wants:

Warner Bros.

I wish I were this crafty...

6. Another DIY dress! Julie Corky's sparkly red halter from Sleepover:


See: above.

7. Regina George's "A Little Bit Dramatic" shirt (plus adjoining items) from Mean Girls:

Paramount Pictures

More like "a little bit iconic," am I right?

8. Jenna Rink's "Malibu Barbie" dress from 13 Going On 30:

Sony Pictures

Honorable mention: Jenna's pink slip nightie-dress. Truly a trendsetter.

9. Heather Montgomery's orange crop top moment™ from John Tucker Must Die:

20th Century Fox

Like, not sure how she wasn't given a detention for violating the dress code, but when you look that cute, who even cares?

10. Aquamarine's ever-changing T-shirt dress from Aquamarine:

20th Century Fox

Can someone say versatile!

11. Elle Woods' bunny costume from Legally Blonde:


Like, joke's on Vivian for thinking she'd embarrass Elle! She looked FABULOUS.

12. The outfits that Isis & Co. wore to the impromptu cheer-off in Bring It On:

Universal Pictures

Urban Outfitters bases all their mannequins on these four outfits.

13. Jess and Pinky Bhamra's gorgeous saris for Pinky's wedding in Bend It Like Beckham:

Fox Searchlight

Now, I am not Indian, nor have I been to an Indian wedding, but these saris were too stunning not to include. If I did own them, I would enclose them in a glass case to preserve their glory.

14. OK a BIT of a deep cut, but Kia's off-the-shoulder Roxy top and pleated skirt from She's The Man:

DreamWorks Pictures

I understand that I'm probably the only one who remembers this 'fit, but I like it!

15. Roxy and Jane Ryan's glow-up looks from New York Minute:

Universal Pictures

Who knew that turquoise pleather could be such a lewk???

16. Casey Carlyle's sectional dress from Ice Princess:

Buena Vista Pictures


17. Molly Gunn's patchwork overalls from Uptown Girls:


Like, they're kind of a fabulous way? No? Just me? OK.

18. Lola Williams' effortlessly cool ripped-up grunge look from LOL:


If I wore this outfit, I'd look like an idiot...that being said, I still want it!

19. Finally, the jeans from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants:

Warner Bros.

Hey, if these jeans can magically fit all four of these ladies, they can DEFFO fit me.

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