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This Little Detail In "Home Alone" Shows Why Kevin Was Left Behind And I'm Gobsmacked

Hidden in ~plane~ sight.

We all know the story of Home Alone: The annoying kid brother gets left behind while the family goes on vacation and his absence is only noticed when the family boards the plane.

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We're led to believe that when Heather (Kevin's oldest cousin) is doing the headcount in the beginning. She counted the pesky neighborhood kid, which is why Kevin is forgotten.

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Well, that along with his mom Kate making him sleep up in the creepy attic. Outta sight, outta mind and all that.


The REAL reason why Kevin was forgotten was because Kevin's dad, Peter, threw away Kevin's plane ticket!

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Today I learned...

Remember when Buzz was being a dick and pretending to throw up so that Kevin could get his slice o' cheese pizza? Which resulted in Kevin tackling him?

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That altercation lead to a lot of hooplah, including milk getting spilled on the plane tickets and passports.

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Why these precious items were left out in the open with a bunch of messy kids around beats the hell out of me.

So Peter, who assumed he was being helpful, cleaned up the mess and threw away the used tissues...

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...which, unbeknownst to him, INCLUDED KEVIN'S PLANE TICKET!

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Me @ Kevin's dad: "Look what you did, you little jerk."

It also didn't help that the airline hostess didn't check their tickets, but rather just took them all at once and let them all aboard.

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But alas, if you're gonna blame anyone for Kevin being left behind, blame Peter! And also Heather...but mostly Peter!

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