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15 Times Geoffrey From "The Fresh Prince" Was Savage AF

"I would be happy to, Master William, but to my knowledge, Hell has not yet frozen over."

1. When he schooled Will on his less-than-fly apparel.

2. When he threw subtle shade at the Banks ladies while they were doing face masks.

3. When Geoffrey dropped this one on Aunt Viv's annoying-ass sisters.

4. When G took an opportunity to serve Will this underhanded insult.

5. When he dropped this clever double-entendre.

6. Oh, irony. You fickle queen.

7. When he not-so-subtly reminded Will that working for the Banks ain't no walk in the park.

8. When Geoffrey low-key let the Banks' know what he ~really~ thought about being their butler.

9. When Will made the very wrong assumption that Geoffrey was there to solve his problems.

10. And then Carlton went ahead and also made that very wrong assumption.

11. These boys will never learn, will they??

12. When he clowned Will straight to his face!

13. When my boy Geoff literally put a piece of bread on Carlton's head to prove a point. (This one had me ROLLIN'.)

14. When Geoffrey responded with this short and sweet clapback. Because, sometimes, the most effective clapbacks, are also the most simple.

15. When he left Hilary with this loving piece of wisdom. Because, the end of the day, as sassy as he might be, Geoffrey has nothing but love for the Banks family.