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    22 Tweets About "Bling Empire" That'll Take Your Mind Off Being Poor

    Forget Emily in Paris, I want Anna in Paris.

    Earlier this month, Netflix released Bling Empire and it's, in a word, batshit. So, needless to say, I love it.


    Specifically, Anna Shay and Kevin. Anna 'cause she's iconic, and Kevin 'cause he's nice to look at.

    The show follows several IRL ~crazy rich Asians~ who live in Los Angeles and live their ostentatious lifestyles.

    Anna Shay in her confessional

    Like, there's a direct descendent of the Song Dynasty and a billionaire arms and weapons heiress. THAT kind of rich.

    Anyway, if you're like me and binged the entire series while wearing your Target leggings, then these are the tweets for you:


    Me dressing up in my finest Macy’s to watch #BlingEmpire with my $40.00 net worth

    Twitter: @ericka_nomas


    I just wanna say: I C O N I C #blingempire #blingempirenetflix #annashay

    Twitter: @BigFabi_


    after watching episode 1 of bling empire i’ve decided Anna Shay is who i want to be when i grow up

    Twitter: @emoveganslut


    Red Power Ranger (Andrew Gray) is giving me Joe from YOU vibes #blingempire #BlingEmpireNetflix

    Twitter: @DenishaBrand


    Watching #blingempire I now realise that my ideal career is “daughter of an arms dealer”.

    Twitter: @camillard


    Forget Emily in Paris, I want Anna in Paris. #BlingEmpire

    Twitter: @svershbow


    When I first saw the Red Power Ranger vs when I heard him cuss out his girlfriend at the jewelry store #blingempire

    Twitter: @OhHeyItsEva


    The way Andrew just yelled at Kelly thru the phone..... #BlingEmpire

    Twitter: @SKsavetheDAY


    “ I find it funny that she wants to compete with me but she can’t compete with what I was born into “ #blingempire

    Twitter: @Tseboskie_M


    Nobody: Not a soul in the world: Kevin on Bling Empire:

    Twitter: @netflix


    Me if I was at that party with the Gucci bag claw machine #blingempire

    Twitter: @NailahSimpson


    Y’all...#blingempire is crazy lol Anna said i wanna go to my favorite restaurants for lunch today....It’s in Paris ....

    Twitter: @Live2Learn_


    Oh hell na this is literally out of a horror film #blingempire

    Twitter: @sevenstrong


    Anna putting Christine at the other end of the table #BlingEmpire

    Twitter: @chyeah4lyf


    Kevin when Kelly and Andrew broke up: #Blingempire

    Twitter: @AerystheII


    None of you told me about Bling Empire. Im not mad. I’m disappointed.

    Twitter: @rgay


    The ONLY red power ranger we acknowledge!! #blingempire

    Twitter: @TheJessieWoo


    i would save anna from bling empire in the class war tbh

    Twitter: @KindaHagi


    Where is my crazy rich Asian friend to fly me 1st class to Paris just to go his/her favorite restaurant ??? #BlingEmpireNetflix #blingempire

    Twitter: @KrisLouboutin


    Confessional royalty 👑 Cherie’s so cute. #BlingEmpire #BlingEmpireNetflix

    Twitter: @thyysoo


    I hate that I Googled “world’s oldest jeweler” and hate even more that Christine was correct and not Anna #blingempire #teamanna #netflix

    Twitter: @danie9er

    22. In conclusion:

    cancel ur day and binge bling empire

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