I Could, Quite Literally, Watch This Video Of Eric Andre Reading Thirst Tweets At Least 69 Times

    "My butt cheeks are PLUMP, playboy. I'm calling in THICC to work." — Eric Andre, 2020.

    This strapping young lad is none other than Eric Andre, who you may recognize from his self-titled comedy show on Adult Swim:

    Now, I'm not sure if you know this, but Eric Andre is a GIVER. And today, he gave us the gift of reading and reacting to the internet's thirstiest tweets about him.

    So cuddle up and enjoy:

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    Not only was this video hilarious, it was also quite informative! I learned a lot about Eric, namely that he's game for ANYTHING:

    Eric Andre reading thirst tweets.

    Because, after all:

    Eric Andre reading thirst tweets.

    If you're on the market for more explicit Eric Andre content, be sure to catch him on The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim.