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    Darren Criss Read Your Thirst Tweets And Said The Word "Bussy" Approx. 69 Times

    Darren Criss is the gift that keeps on giving.

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    The very talented Darren Criss has yet ANOTHER credit to add to his already impressive list of IMDb credits: Royalties, a show about a songwriting duo's trials and tribulations in the music industry. To celebrate the launch of the show on Quibi, we had D.C. Zoom in to read some of your ~thirsty tweets~:


    So, if you wanna watch Darren Criss slap his own ass and talk about bussies for five minutes then, boy, do I have the video for you:

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    Like, y'all. These tweets? Whoa, nelly.


    Darren Criss: actor, producer, singer, bussy whisperer.

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    Be sure to catch Darren in Royalties, now streaming on Quibi!

    View this video on YouTube

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