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    14 Things Ellen DeGeneres Got Famous People To Confess On "Burning Questions"

    They don't call it the hot seat for nothing!

    1. Sandra Bullock revealed the costar who was the must fun to kiss...who was also her first celebrity crush:

    2. Jennifer Lawrence revealed who was the better kisser between Liam Hemsworth (her Hunger Games costar) and Bradley Cooper (her Silver Linings Playbook costar):

    3. Jennifer Lopez revealed her fave body part of A-Rod's:

    4. Kris Jenner revealed which of her kids she thinks is the smartest:

    5. Taylor Swift revealed the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager was putting Joe Jonas on blast on Ellen:

    6. Steve Carrell revealed that Dwayne Johnson was the costar he was most nervous to kiss.

    7. Harry Styles revealed this guilty pleasure of his that is something we ALL do:

    8. Shia LaBeouf revealed what his favorite sex position is:

    9. KJ Apa revealed that Rob Raco (Joaquin) is the best kisser on Riverdale and he's "better than all the girls":

    10. Diddy revealed the craziest place he's had sex:

    11. John Mayer revealed he does this ~interesting~ thing every day, though didn't elaborate on HOW he does it:

    12. Simon Cowell revealed that he HATES when contestants perform "Grenade" by Bruno Mars at auditions:

    13. Pink revealed that the dumbest way she hurt herself was slashing her husband Carey Hart's tires on Thanksgiving one year:

    14. Finally, Tiffany Haddish revealed that she forgot Kirsten Dunst's name at the Oscars one year: