I'm In The Middle Of Rewatching "Criminal Minds" And IDK How I Missed All These Famous People

    From April Ludgate to deranged serial killer. Whodda thought?

    1. Aubrey Plaza as Cat Adams

    2. Jennifer Love-Hewitt as SSA Kate Callahan

    3. Jane Lynch as Diana Reid

    4. Cameron Monaghan as Jefferey Charles

    5. Forest Whitaker as Sam Cooper

    6. James Van Der Beek as Tobias Hankel

    7. Elle Fanning as Tracy Belle

    8. Frankie Muniz as Jonny McHale

    9. Jason Alexander as Henry Grace

    10. Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons

    11. Gina Torres as Thea Salinas

    12. Michelle Trachtenberg as Diane Turner

    13. Mark Hamill as John Curtis

    14. Amber Stevens West as Joy Struthers

    15. Aaron Paul as Mike Zizzo

    16. Mandy Patinkin as SSA Jason Gideon

    17. Ben Savage as SSA Jason Gideon (flashback)

    18. Daryl Sabara as Kevin Rose

    19. Tony Todd as Eric Miller

    20. Jackson Rathbone as Adam Jackson

    21. Amber Heard as Lila Archer

    22. Evan Peters as Charlie Hillridge

    23. Mark Pellegrino as Lieutenant Evans

    24. Tim Curry as Billy Flynn

    25. C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet

    26. Finally, Anton Yelchin as Nathan Harris