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    Billie Eilish Is Obsessed With Ariana Grande And Now My Worlds Are Colliding

    I love Billie and Ari!

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    In a recent interview BuzzFeed had with Queen Billie Eilish — accompanied by cuddly puppies — she talked about her upcoming Coachella set!


    Omg, girl, don't be nervie. You're gonna kill it!

    When asked about who she was excited to see, Billie said the the six most beautiful words in the English language:


    I can not emphasize how much I fucking love this.

    There's nothing I stan more than an artist who stans another artist.


    Billie Eilish: Bro, she's so cool. Bro, she's so cute. She's so talented. She's one of the most talented people, I think, in the world. I'm not gonna even say "female," 'cause people be like, "oNe Of ThE mOsT tAlEnTeD fEmAlEs." Nah, that bitch is a talented fucking God.

    I'm officially starting a petition for Billie and Ari to collab on a song together. THE WORLD NEEDS IT!


    *Bug-eyed emoji*

    So there you have it, peeps. Emo teen Billie is most excited to see pop princess Ari at Coachella this weekend. Shocked? Yes. Do I fucking love it? Also, yes.


    Be sure to check out the rest of Billie's interview here!

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