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    Clare And Dale Left The Show Early, And Other Dramatic Moments From "The Bachelorette" Last Night

    And that's what you missed on Bach!

    Helloooo, Bach Nation! Welcome to your fourth installation of Bach in a Bite: The Official Bachelorette Recap:

    Graphic that says 'The Bachelorette Recap: The Roses, The Thorns, And Everything In Between'
    Charlotte Gomez

    In case you skipped last week's cringe-fest, you can catch up in a jiffy here.

    Now, this isn't meant to be a two-hour affair, so let's jump right in, shall we?

    Last week ended with Clare not giving out a rose at the group date because, quelle surprise, she only wanted to give the rose to Dale...who wasn't on the date that week. This is UNPRECEDENTED, so Chris Harrison had to interfere and get the tea:

    Chris Harrison talking with Clare.

    After Chris and Clare's chat, Chris goes back and tells the guys that there isn't going to be a cocktail party or a rose ceremony that evening...

    Chris telling the suitors that there's no rose ceremony.

    At this rate, I'll be surprised if there's an episode WITH a rose ceremony.

    ...because she wants to spend the night with Dale:


    Because, you know, Clare is "head over heels" for Dale, even though they haven't had a one-on-one date. To each their own!

    Dale and Clare ~enjoy~ a personal concert from Chris and Bri, the winners of Listen to Your Heart:

    Clare and Dale making out at their private concert.

    I would be HELLA uncomf if I were Chris and Bri.

    After their night together, Clare breaks with the rest of the suitors. Most of them take it pretty well and wish them all the best...

    Clare breaking up with her suitors.

    ...but Blake and Kenny are hella pressed because they felt cheated? I don't understand why, but I will never understand the minds of white men.

    Blake and Kenny chatting by the pool.

    "Two bros, chillin' in a hot tub..."

    Fast forward through an hour+ of crying and fake-outs, Dale proposes to Clare with a Neil Lane original, and Clare says yes!


    We love product placement.

    Which just paves the way for Tayshia to take over the season.

    Tayshia exiting the limo.


    No fallen rose petals this week, but a bouquet of roses for Clare and Dale:


    Who, according to Instagram, are still engaged!

    Aaaannnnd, that's what you missed! Tune in next week — and the rest of the season — for the roses, the thorns, and everything in between!

    Promo shot of Tayshia's season.

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