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    Today I Learned That Ariana Grande Has A Crap Ton Of Tattoos

    I now see her sweaters in a new light...

    The other day, I was minding my own business, when I saw this tweet from Ariana Grande on my timeline:

    And my IMMEDIATE thought was, Whoa, who knew Ariana Grande was secretly tatted?

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes things slip past my radar that most people are aware of. However, I'm not the only person who was surprised that Ari is all inked up!

    Since when Ariana Grande has so many tattoos? How pretty 🥺

    I just found out Ariana Grande has tattoos and she has like literally 51 tattoos bitch how did I just now notice this

    How did I not know Ariana Grande had tattoos?! Her whole hand is pretty much tatted. I’m so shewk. I’m also so behind on pop culture. But I love that she’s getting inked up 😍

    So even though no one asked, I decided to do a deep dive into some of Ariana Grande's FIFTY-ONE TATTOOS!

    Before we dive in, here's how we're USED to seeing Sleeves McGee — arms covered in an oversized hoodie or elbow-length gloves:

    But, little did we know, she's been hiding a whole lotta ink under those oversized sweaters.

    First, we have the pictures that started this all, where we can see a slew of tattoos on her hand, arm, and ribcage:

    My personal fave is the tat of Eevee on her inner arm:

    Then we have a butterfly on her upper arm:

    There's an array of various micro-tattoos on her fingers:

    Including "BABY DOLL" written out on her middle finger:

    There's what appears to be the Charlie's Angels logo on her shoulder:

    There's a crescent moon behind her ear and cursive script on the back of her neck:

    There's also a larger crescent moon on her hand:

    There are leaves on her ribcage:

    And, alas, let us not forget the iconic heart she has on her ring finger:

    There you have it, folks! I obvs didn't go through all 51 tattoos because I have other things to do, but she has a lot more than I originally thought. So next time you see Ari in some sleeves or long gloves, just know there's ink hiding behind the fabric!