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    Real Twihards Know That Stephenie Meyer Uploaded The First 250 Pages Of "Midnight Sun" To Her Site Ages Ago

    "Chapter 1: First Sight."

    In case you haven't been online yet today, Stephenie Meyer announced that she's releasing Midnight Sun, which is Twilight but from Edward Cullen's point of view.


    The content that we ALL need, TBH.

    Now, not to toot my own horn, but I've been a Twihard Fanpire — much to my parents' reluctance — since the very beginning.

    Ehis Osifo / BuzzFeed

    So, when I saw that S. Meyer was releasing Midnight Sun, I thought to myself, "Wow tbt to when she dropped the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun to her website back in the day."

    Ehis Osifo / BuzzFeed

    I also expressed this thought to my coworkers.

    After a quick internet search, I found out that the first 12 chapters are STILL ONLINE AND AVAILABLE TO READ AT THIS VERY MOMENT!

    Summit Entertainment

    In case you didn't click on the above link, you can read the draft here.

    I especially remember reading this scene back in the day and thinking, "Wow, this makes so much more sense. Also, Edward is low-key kinda scary."

    Summit Entertainment


    Now, this draft is more than 12 years old and I'm sure edits have been made since then. So who's to say how much of this will make it into the final book.

    Summit Entertainment

    BUT, if you're eager for Midnight Sun and want an (unedited) taste, then look no further.

    Summit Entertainment

    Stephenie Meyer is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

    All I know is is that I cannot wait to read the final draft, ESPECIALLY the baseball scene, from Edward's POV.

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