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May 2016
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    edenalexander commented on What Does Britney Spears Mean To You?

    I can soundtrack my life to her immaculate music. Most of her songs are about love, sex and identity. As a gay man, those were all the things I was insecure about growing up. But in her songs, they aren't scary; they're things to sing and dance about, and to take joy in. If I'm a… 

    5 months ago

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    edenalexander commented on Has J.K. Rowling's Transphobia Changed Your Relationship With The "Harry Potter" Series?

    I love Harry Potter. I was formed by it, and for years it was a joyful and uncomplicated way to connect with everyone from my youngest nephew to my late father. But yes, her transphobia has tainted it. I had come to expect a certain level of articulation and consideration from JK… 

    10 months ago

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