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Weird Urinals Around The World

Human culture is weird. And we transpose that weirdness in every aspect of our lives. Including loos like those ...

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Urinal at the Top of the World

Located at the top floor of the Commerzbank Headquarters, this bathroom gives you a view of the whole city of Frankfurt. And the opportunity to piss all over it.

Mechanical Urinal

Believe it or not, this is called an UPG (Urinal Power Generator). It's creators believe there's too much power going to waste while we pee. Working on the windmill principle, this urinal makes you create the energy necessary for an automated flush. Go green, go UPG!

Beer Keg Urinal

I smell Karma on this one. When you use it you close the full circle of the beer. Or if you want it said more poetically: “ashes to ashes, dust to dust, beer to beer”.

Thermochromic Urinal

Your body generates heat. Whatever comes out of your body is heated. This urinal has heat sensors and change colour according to the temperature. Get it ? Asides from the fact it looks awesome, now finally you and your beer buddies can go co-op and do art.

Gothic Urinal

Exuding your redundant fluids in front of this creature can be dramatizing. Just look at him. It looks like he demands your piss to summon the Lord of Destruction! If you hear quiet chanting voices while you pee just run and call Walthamstow experts to unblock it from evil. Let them risk an agonizing and embarrassing death.

Wall Urinal

This not so subtle graffiti actually marks what is the most common and old urinal known to mankind just after the tree. For the more naturalistic ones who are closer to nature, this represents the perfect place to take a leak.

George W. Bush Urinal

Many would find it very pleasing to wizz in the face of that certain person. I just think that the janitor would have a great deal of work cleaning that head every day.

Musical Urinal

If I dare paraphrase the great Bob Marley “Pee I some music ...”. Singing while you go to the bathroom? Now you have the right instrument to accompany the singing. And maybe someday they might make a female version of it playing drum solos?

Gamer urinal

This AWESOME urinal finally justifies all the waste of time drinking beer brings with it's every-10-minute pees. Your joy stick is your joystick. I believe there are some highscores to be beaten.

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