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A Hat-Based Guide To "Doctor Who"

1,000-plus years of everyone's favorite hat-donning time lord.

The First Doctor was distant and often criticized his companions' "human brains."

His Astrakhan solidified his foreignness.

Although he wasn’t adverse to other headgear, including cowboy hats.

He sported the occasional perky plumage.

But like the flexible wool of his Astrakhan, he warmed up to his human friends...

...and found a way to leave the world a better place.

The Second Doctor is often referred to as the "Cosmic Hobo."

He was a master of disguise.

The Second Doctor often adopted random hats on his adventures.

But the stovepipe hat was his signature.

The tall, comic look often misled his enemies.

But it also had a domineering effect.

The Second Doctor was resourceful and cunning.

He often used his bumbling attitude to stay two steps ahead of his enemies.

He was an eccentric miscreant, but a lovable one.

The Third Doctor wore no hat.

Often serious and paternal, the Third Doctor did not waste his time with headwear.

The Fourth Doctor’s wide brimmed hat was commanding but familiar.

His love extended beyond him and he grew close with his companions

He didn’t discriminate and established a meaningful connection regardless of species.

He was eccentric and unpredictable.

The Fourth Doctor developed a stronger bond with the human race than any previous Doctor.

The Fifth Doctor wore a Panama hat and was the youngest Doctor so far.

His panama hat had a strong foundation, but often wavered or bent completely.

He was strong and morally heroic, but often took a backseat in plans.

The Fifth Doctor was compassionate and often let problems solve themselves.

The Sixth Doctor didn’t wear a hat and was dangerously sharp. A hat, like nearly everything else, was below him and he wasn’t afraid to say it.

Although he was the most confident Doctor, he wasn't popular with his hat-wearing former selves.

The Seventh Doctor wore a Panama-style hat with a paisley hatband.

Like the Second Doctor, his hat’s appearance was at first glance silly and eccentric.

He knowingly "stumbled" into his solutions and often led his enemies to underestimate him.

He withheld information constantly, later revealing the manipulative gangster panama hat within.

The Eighth Doctor never wore hats.

Perhaps because he often suffered from fits of amnesia and forgot where he left it.

Or perhaps because he had a tendency to break the rules.

The Ninth Doctor also stayed away from hats, probably thinking them as a waste of time.

The Tenth Doctor only occasionally wore hats, but never looked comfortable in them...

...likely because it imprisoned his fabulous hair.

The Eleventh Doctor saw a glorious return to hats.

Though generally hatless, he often used them to hide in time.

The Eleventh Doctor was eccentric and outgoing, yet struggled with his destiny and took long breaks from companions and adventures.

He always seemed happiest when in a fez.

In just a single hat, he could be cripplingly silly...

...or mysterious, dark and severe.

He was always lovable.

Always ready to lend a helping hand.

He rolled with the punches.

And always managed to save the universe.

On Christmas day he took his last adventure.

And though we hated to see him go, we're grateful for the time we had together.