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    8 Ridiculous Health And Safety Excuses Used By Councils And Schools

    These have all genuinely been used! If YOU have been on the wrong end of a ridiculous decision, contact the Myth Busters Challenge Panel:

    1. A school in Gloucester banned girls from wearing frilly socks for fear of them tripping over, all in the name of health and safety.

    2. A 6 year old pupil in Hampshire couldn't bring a baby chick to school for his presentation apparently due to health and safety and the risk of catching bird flu.

    3. A borough council in Derbyshire ordered the small wooden canes protecting daffodil bulbs to be removed in case someone tripped and fell in the flowerbed.

    4. A borough council in Greater Manchester refused to clear dog mess from a childrens' playground because of the health risk it posed to their workers.

    5. A town council near Manchester adopted a policy to stop people putting loose flowers and pots on graves because of misguided health and safety concerns.

    6. Despite being applauded by the council for their flower display, a group of residents in Whitley Bay were subsequently asked to remove it on health and safety grounds.

    7. A local council banned dog classes, training sessions and dog shows from being held in their community halls on the grounds of health and safety.

    8. A man in the Wirral was told he couldn't film a public meeting with a handheld camera because there was no health and safety agreement in place.