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9 Unexpected Questions You Might Be Asked At A Job Interview

Looking for a new job this year? Bored of preparing for the same interview questions? Why not take a look at some of the more unusual things that you might not have expected to be asked in a job interview.

8 Ways People Celebrate 100th Birthdays

New figures show 13,780 people are now over 100. 5,650 turned 100 in 2013 alone. With one in three children born today expected to reach three figures – the DWP team behind sending 100th birthday cards reveal some ways people celebrate hitting 100.

7 Most Obscure Excuses Given By Benefit Fraudsters

The government has released some of the most stupid excuses for committing benefit fraud. Here are the ridiculous lengths some people have gone to to avoid being brought to justice.

8 Ridiculous Health And Safety Excuses Used By Councils And Schools

These have all genuinely been used! If YOU have been on the wrong end of a ridiculous decision, contact the Myth Busters Challenge Panel:

11 Steps To A GREAT Job Interview

Because you’re outstanding. They just need to know it.