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    22 Things Southerners Learn When They Visit The North

    It's not exactly the same, believe it or not.

    1. Football is incredibly important.

    For example, in Liverpool you can choose between Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere Rovers, or exile.

    2. People walk everywhere.

    And with views like this, you can see why.

    3. Hills are often higher than 20 foot.

    Flickr: gerardstolk / Creative Commons

    They also have really tall hills called mountains up north. These are real. They are not a thing someone made up to sell fleeces.

    4. They also have really big ponds, called lakes.

    Flickr: vossitch / Creative Commons

    There are some lakes in the south but, come on, look at that thing: It's massive. You could put Margate in it.

    5. Nowhere is where you thought it was.

    Sony Music Entertainment / Via

    Most of the cities in the north are in a straight line across the bottom. Then there's a massive gap, where the hills and the lakes are, and then everything else is tucked into the top right. Also, apparently, the cities at the bottom aren't technically the north.

    6. Drinks are mind-bogglingly cheap.

    Paramount / Via

    So it'd be foolish not to drink all of them.

    7. And so is property.

    Flickr: amgreen / Creative Commons

    This'll probably set you back about the same as a studio flat in Brockley. BROCKLEY.

    8. There is no business that cannot be encased in a red-brick building.

    9. Liverpool still really cares about The Beatles.

    There's a museum, a hotel, a painstakingly restored gig venue, and an annual weekend-long multi-stage festival made up almost entirely of Beatles cover bands.

    10. It always looks like it just rained in Manchester.

    Flickr: Man Alive! / Creative Commons

    11. Blackpool has looked the same for years.

    12. The Geordie accent is impossible to understand.

    If you go full Dances With Wolves you might pick up the odd word after six months.

    13. Biologically, Chester is half Zebra.

    Flickr: chaymation / Creative Commons

    As well as a quarter castle and, naturally, a quarter red-brick. NAUGHTY zebra.

    14. There are a thousand small villages and they all have a Boots.

    Flickr: rossendalewadey / Creative Commons

    A Boots, and a pub, and a chippy. And a mini roundabout.


    Studio Ghibli / Via

    Whenever you most expect it, and whenever you least need it, it'll be there. Again. Ugh.

    16. But confusingly, no one wears coats on nights out.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    No matter how cold it gets.

    17. The definition of "cake" is incredibly loose.

    18. Fish and chips and gravy is actually a thing that people do.

    19. There's no such thing as too much pastry.

    Flickr: rooreynolds / Creative Commons

    Think of all the pastry in the world. Double it. Still not enough. More. Pastry. Yes.

    20. People genuinely are more friendly up north.

    Screen Gems / Via

    Not a fan of hugs? You'll learn.

    21. Which means you might actually befriend a stranger. / Via

    Strangers are, obviously, terrible. But it can happen by accident sometimes.

    22. Is it better than the south? Yeah, it probably is.

    Lion's Gate Films / Via

    That'll do, the north. That'll do.

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