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    • dugganf

      And under Obamacare, everyone who does not have a car will get a free Car To Go to drive to the doctor’s office .. and a free lunch because heaven knows they will be waiting for hours for their appointments .. and free diapers (cloth — as disposable diapers will be banned) for their children who are at the doctor’s office with them .. and free clothes and shoes, because nobody wants to go to a doctor’s office wearing old, tired rags … and free sex change operations, because we all get bored once in a while … and free mani/pedis because we will have all that time waiting for our appointments … and of course free shoe shines and free massages while waiting at the doctor’s offices or in the few remaining emergency rooms .. MEANWHILE, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS THINK SO MUCH OF OBAMACARE THEY RAN AS FAST AS THEY COULD AWAY FROM HAVING TO BE COVERED UNDER IT … AND THEN PRESIDENT OBAMA IN HIS WISDOM EXEMPTED ALL CONGRESSIONAL AND WHITE HOUSE AND OTHER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES FROM OBAMACARE .. AND THE UNIONS AND CERTAIN FAVORED CORPORATIONS (LIKE MCDONALDS) ARE GETTING A PASS ON OBAMACARE ALONG WITH ALL OF THE EMPLOYERS OF 50 PEOPLE OR MORE — BUT INDIVIDUALS WHO WORK FOR THEMSELVES (EVIL CAPITALIST PIGS ALL OF THEM!!!!!) AND EVEN UNEMPLOYED COLLEGE GRADUATES OVER 26 BUT UNDER 40 WILL BE PAYING THROUGH THE NOSE — AS MEDICARE RECIPIENTS WILL SEE THEIR BENEFITS DROP DRAMATICALLY ..

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