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10 Signs Of The Impending Redhead Hostile Takeover

Brace yourselves: the gingers are coming!

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1. They can survive 15 years underground.


Females are strong as hell.

2. They can capture the world's attention with a single word.


Twenty million hits and counting, apparently.

3. They can sell you anything.


I suddenly want a Baconator.

4. They can mess you up.

5. Shut you down.

6. Take charge of their destinies.

7. And save the day.

8. They have magical bass-note singing abilities.

9. And they make the best dads ever.

10. In fact, there's now a WHOLE SERIES devoted entirely to redheads.

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Being a redhead is all kinds of colorful.

Gingers are taking over. Prepare yourselves.

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