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40 Hardcore Football Fans Who Are Definitely Seeing Pitch Perfect 2

Prepare for Packappella - these aca-groupies can't wait to see their favorite offensive linemen on the big screen.

drowsybrowser • 4 years ago

6 Hilarious Indie Webseries Created By Theatre Nerds

Come on along and listen to...the lullaby of YouTube! If they're gonna make it there, they'll make it anywhere.

drowsybrowser • 4 years ago

10 Signs Of The Impending Redhead Hostile Takeover

Brace yourselves: the gingers are coming!

drowsybrowser • 4 years ago
drowsybrowser • 4 years ago

What If Another Celeb Had Recorded FourFiveSeconds?

Just picture Queen Bey. Or Mumford and Sons. Or The Warblers.

drowsybrowser • 4 years ago

6 NFL Players Who Are Secretly Addicted To A Cappella

These professional football players know all the words to Pitch Perfect, and are live-tweeting NBC's The Sing-Off. It's Dixie Chicks serious.

drowsybrowser • 5 years ago