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21 Times Social Media Told The Truth About Black History Month

"Nah." —Rosa Parks, 1955

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1. When Insta paid tribute to the rightful king.

2. When Twitter truly explained Groundhog Day.

3. When the read went back to ancient Egypt.

4. When Brian Williams was caught again "misremembering":

5. When it felt your pain as the only black person in history class.


6. When it shined a light on a part of the past little black girls would like to forget:

7. When it really wasn't the right occasion for selfies.

Twitter: @rawney_b

8. When the mic dropped:


9. When Instagram was like, Is nothing sacred?!

10. When she said, "You got me fucked up."

11. When it honored the rich legacy of black music:


12. "M'am, you gonna get up or nah?"

13. When Tumblr decided to test your blackness.


14. When Instagram was confused about your misplaced idol worship.

15. When it called out people who have selective memory:


16. When it rounded up the squad for the turn up:

17. When it uncovered this private coversation:

18. When it celebrated our unique historical assets.

19. When it pointed out this tiny coincidence:

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