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11 Actors Of Color Who Would Make "Magic Mike" Even Hotter

Because Channing Tatum is perfect, but there's always room for improvement.

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1. Godfrey Gao

Reactive Creative / Earl Jean / Via

Because he is literal, historic perfection, Godfrey Gao was the first Asian male to model for Louis Vuitton. People pay him to either wear clothes, or not wear them, as in the photo above.

2. Columbus Short

Admit it: You wondered how Harrison looked underneath those suspenders on Scandal. Keep in mind, before dance film Stomp the Yard Columbus was a dancer-choreographer for Britney Spears.

3. Jay Hernandez

Sony Pictures / Via

Jay Hernandez has been making guest appearances in dreams for a while — remember when you saw that baby face in Hostel and wanted to keep him safe from harm? He still has that baby face and it'd look great while he grinds to "Pony."

4. William Levy

Lions Gate Entertainment / Via

Now imagine he's doing that 👆 👆 while thrusting his torso or moving his body like a snake. (#Neverforget all the ass shaking he did on Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars, where he came in third place!)


5. Pooch Hall


Pooch Hall was NFL player Derwin Davis on BET series The Game. He wore towels often, as well as magical butt-lifting uniform pants. Pooch, come back and show us how you work it. There's some tearaway pants with your name on them.

7. Coby Bell

The CW / Via

This team needs snarky humor and chiseled cheekbones! Thank god there's Coby Bell. As part of the ensemble on USA's spy drama Burn Notice, Coby proved he works well in teams — and, in real life, Coby is a certified DILF.


9. The Rock

Getty Images / Via Hulton Archive

Once upon a time, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson worked in his underwear all the damn time. You know, for his job as a pro wrestler. Bring that old thang back, Dwayne!

11. Michael B. Jordan

Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images for Axe

This miiiight not be his kind of movie, but he's talented enough to make a film about strippers feel high-brow (just like the first Magic Mike.) He doesn't even need to dance with a smile like that. Well, maybe. Maybe a little dancing.