The Definitive Ranking Of The Mascots Of The Pac 12

It’s always a challenge deciding what to do with the Stanford Tree. This is not scientific, but it is right… right?

12. University of Utah: Swoop

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

This is just a mask and a tail. Let me know when the whole costume is done.

11. Oregon State University: Benny Beaver

Jeff Gross / Getty Images

He kind of looks like what would have happened if you stayed stuck in that awkward phase in your life, but just grew bigger.

10. University of California - Berkeley: Oski

Harry How / Getty Images

It’s a cartoonish bear in a cardigan and about as intimidating as another famed cardigan wearer, Mr. Rogers.

9. University of California - Los Angeles: Joe Bruin

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

It’s all in the eye brows.

8. University of Washington: Harry the Husky

Ted S. Warren / AP

10 points for real life counterpart; -10 points for use of Segway

7. University of Arizona: Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat

Jeff Golden / Getty Images

Here’s to the happy couple!

6. Washington State University: Butch T. Cougar

Ted S. Warren / AP

Butch T. Cougar loves you this much!

5. Arizona State University: Sparky

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

The mustache alone is worth at least three spots in the rankings

4. University of Southern California: Traveler

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

It’s a horse, of course.

3. University of Colorado: Ralphie

Photo by Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

A real, live bison storms around the stadium — well isn’t that something!

Photo by Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

They also have this less foreboding model named Chip.

2. Stanford University: The Stanford Tree

Stanford is officially the Cardinal, but you still have to fear the tree, right?

1. University of Oregon: Puddles, The Oregon Duck

Ross D. Franklin / AP

The University of Oregon has a special licensing agreement with Disney to use the likeness of Donald Duck.

Oregon wins this one.

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