BuzzFeed Told Me To Grow Cucamelons, So I Grew Cucamelons

Back in April, BuzzFeed said that Cucamelons, a small heirloom cucumber from Mexico and Central America, were something I must plant this instant. I then went and grew the plant. Here is what happened.

2. They were declared the “Cutest Fruit Ever”

3. I went online and ordered some seeds

4. A few days later, this package arrived

If you want some of your own, visit this site.

5. The seeds are really small

6. I put them in the ground

Bloomberg / Getty Images

7. And they grew!

8. The plants got very large

9. Like really big (and they are great at climbing)

10. The plants yield a lot of fruit

11. They are great in tacos

I would also recommend them in salads, pickled, in sandwiches or just alone. They have the texture of a cucumber, taste like a lime and look like watermelons.

12. Thanks for the tip, BuzzFeed

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