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14 Reasons I Have The Best Valentine.

My husband is the best valentine, here's why:

1. He has a cool car.

2. He can run really fast.

3. He enjoys taking ridiculous Christmas photos with me.

4. He is secretly an Oakley model.

5. He is sensitive.

6. He can pull off this look.

Well..maybe not.

7. He's got a great smile.

8. He's outgoing so I don't have to be.

9. He's got a six-pack.

10. He became a cat person.

cat person.

How could he not?

11. He used to have a shark tooth necklace.

12. He thinks I'm a good cook.

13. He made the best groom.

14. Oh..and he likes to ride seahorses.

I don't know why.

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