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10 Unfortunate Boasts About Tidal By Beyoncé, Kanye, Jay Z, Madonna, Etc.


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Have you've heard the sad news about Jay Z and company's "Spotify killer" called Tidal that debuted last month?

Jay Z's Tidal slips out of top 700 most downloaded iPhone apps in US

Too bad. Let's commemorate this unfortunate development with a few of the grandest statements from this musical Dream Team.

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"Changed the course of history forever today." —Jay Z


"I just thought about, like, how crazy (Tidal) is. How this is, like, the beginning of the New World." —Kanye West


"Every great movement started with a group of people being able to get together and really just make a stand." —Beyoncé


"Tidal is the future of music." —Tidal executive Vania Schlogel


"Maybe it sounds like a cliché, but (Tidal is) about putting art back into the forefront. It's about bringing humanity back to being an artist." —Madonna


"This is a historic day." —Jack White


"This is a game changer, for real. I mean, this is for the people, by the people." —Alicia Keys


"This collaboration feels so egoless." —Beyoncé


"This thing was the thing everybody wanted, and everyone feared." —Jay Z


"The Avengers of Music, or something like that." —Daft Punk

Feel free to relive the Tidal squad's one glorious day again, in video form:

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