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    47 Things That Should Come Back Like Missy Elliott And "To Kill A Mockingbird"

    We're waiting...

    1. Multicolor Apple computers.


    2. Tom Hanks' rap career.

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    3. People wearing Band-Aids as accessories.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    4. Geocities.

    5. Twiggy.

    Getty Images

    6. Shaggy.

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    7. Frisbees.

    8. The 5th Wheel.

    9. William Hung.

    10. Shania Twain.

    AFP / Getty Images Vince Bucci

    11. That guy who played Stifler.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    12. Gatorade's Gatorgum.

    13. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

    Allen Huffman / Via

    14. Spandex shorts under short shorts.

    Getty Images Mike Powell

    15. Spandex shorts under short denim shorts.

    Getty Images John Russell

    16. Spandex shorts in general.

    Getty Images John Russell

    17. The most reliable way to predict the future.

    18. Shredding.

    19. Temptation Island.

    FOX / Via

    20. Brian Dunkleman.


    21. SkyMall.


    We miss you already.

    22. Vision Street Wear.

    Vision Street Wear / Via

    23. Full-service gas stations.

    Getty Images Tim Boyle

    24. Extreme.

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    25. Billy Zane.

    26. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    SPIN Magazine

    27. Justin Guarini.

    20th Century Fox

    28. Second Life.

    29. Pras.

    30. Hippies.

    Getty Images J. Marmaras

    31. Ja Rule.

    Getty Images Scott Gries

    32. American Gladiators.


    33. Cocktail parties you're required to dress up for that aren't on New Year's Eve.

    Paramount Pictures

    34. Jennifer Love Hewitt's singing career.

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    35. Brett Butler.

    36. Grosse Pointe.

    Getty Images

    37. Laugh In.

    NBC / Via

    38. Tech Decks.

    39. Bloggers.

    40. MTV Diary.

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    41. MTV's Making the Video.

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    42. TRL.

    Getty Images Frank Micelotta

    43. Drum 'n' bass.

    ERB Magazine. / Via

    44. Neve Campbell.

    Getty Images Archive

    45. Freddie Prinze Jr.

    Getty Images Brenda Chase

    46. Mischa Barton.

    But not Brandon Davis, ew.

    47. And, of course, Sisqo and Tom Green.

    Getty Images Kevin Winter

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