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Definitive Proof That Shaq Is The Ultimate Salesman

Witness the first and last time Nicki Minaj was the least interesting part of a freestyle cipher.

Even if you don't watch a lot of sports, you probably know who Shaq is:

1. The spotlight-loving basketball legend who won many NBA titles and lots of awards over a lucrative 19-year career.

2. The platinum-selling rapper.

3. The extremely GIFable celebrity pitchman.

4. The purveyor of quality soda pop.

5. The jeweler.

Stuff his stocking with @SHAQ jewelry! Shop the Shaquille O'Neal Collection: #ShaqFriday

So when Nicki Minaj dropped in on him and the gang at Inside the NBA for a freestyle cipher rap battle...

...we shouldn't have been surprised that Shaq was able to use his turn at the mic to create one of the greatest five-second advertisements ever to drop on live cable television.


It was so good that when Nicki Minaj took her turn we almost wished Shaq was still going instead.


I guess we'll just have to stay thirsty for the next time Shaq decides to show Madison Avenue how it's done.

Let's hope the Don Drapers of the world will be paying attention.

In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the whole zany clip.

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