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8 Things I Overheard At A Kelis Show

Singer-songwriter Kelis performed for KCRW-FM's Apogee Sessions on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif. These are some of the things I heard during the show.

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1. “Are you hungry? My mom made food.”

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff / Getty Images

The show kicked off with a recording of Kelis’ 5-year-old son, Knight, asking this essential question. Kelis premiered songs from her upcoming album, Food, which drops next month.


4. "Garth Trinidad is kinda hot!"

Jeremiah Garcia / KCRW

Defying everything we've always heard about DJs being "too ugly for television," KCRW-FM's Garth Trinidad is pretty attractive, with a smooth radio voice to boot.

5. “(Ban) Bossy”

Jeremiah Garcia / KCRW

Anytime someone brought up Kelis’ smash, “Bossy,” the conversation dovetailed into, “Hey, have you seen anything about this ‘Ban Bossy’ movement?” and “I wonder if Kelis is involved at all.”

7. “Is she going to play 'Milkshake?'”

Jeremiah Garcia / KCRW

Indeed she DID play "Milkshake." Subsequently, the crowd lost its damn mind and started dancing uncontrollably. She ended the song with: “See? Still fun.” Truer words were never spoken.

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