This Fluffy Pup Is The Cutest Ambassador EVER

The University of Tulsa’s Goldie is paws-itively precious.

1. This is Goldie. She’s a five-month-old Golden Retriever learning everything about ambassador-dom.

Which, in her case, mainly involves being cute. Guys. I think she’s got it!

2. She’s still a puppy now, but next year she will perform all kinds of ambassador duties like leading the TU football team onto the field for home games.

We’re not sure what’s cooler: the team’s new helmets or Goldie’s super-cute TU bandana.

3. She pretty much puts all other ambassadors to shame.

Via sbnation

Would you let your ambassador lick you? Didn’t think so. Just look-a-dat face!

4. I mean, it’s her first official week and Goldie has already made it to Good Morning America!

Via ABC: Good Morning America

Carrie Underwood just loves Goldie, ya’ll.

5. When compared to other Goldies, she’s the obvious favorite…

10. The season hasn’t started yet, but The University of Tulsa already has a major win with Goldie.

So. Much. CUTE. Goooo Tulsa!

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