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The 7 Principles Of Kwanzaa Portrayed By Bears

The cuddliest examples of The Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles).

dorieans 5 years ago

21 Reasons The World Needs An Outkast Reunion

The coolest mothafunkers on the planet may reunite at Coachella in 2014!

dorieans 5 years ago

23 Reasons Practicing Yoga Is Better Than Sex

It may sound like a stretch, but facts are facts.

dorieans 6 years ago

How To Survive Between "Breaking Bad" Episodes

Seven days is torture. Torture I tell you!!

dorieans 6 years ago

This Fluffy Pup Is The Cutest Ambassador EVER

The University of Tulsa's Goldie is paws-itively precious.

dorieans 6 years ago

22 Signs You're In An Interracial Relationship

What do love and puppies have in common? They're both adorably color blind!

dorieans 6 years ago

10 Things That Started From The Bottom And Are Now Here

Drake is apparently not alone in his successful trek from the bottom to the top.

dorieans 6 years ago

8 Ways To Make Gas Last

Summer gas prices are notoriously high. While this may drive you crazy – get it? – there are things you can do to get the most out of every tank.

dorieans 6 years ago

5 Ways To Cure Your Chocolate Hangover

Yesterday (July 7, 2013) was National Chocolate Day. It’s possible that you increased your chocolate intake considerably and you may need to detox. Here are some ways to get your system back on track.

dorieans 6 years ago